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Stronger than ever and still based in Corpus Christi, TX, Mary McLeod Bethune Early Child Development Nursery, Inc. anticipates serving more than 300 children yearly of ages ranging from age 0 to 5 and an after school/camp program for ages 6-12 years..


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Collaborative Effort

The majority of the children under our care and tutelage come from low-income, single-parent families. By working together with other like-minded people, organizations, and groups, we have succeeded in providing care for young children and at the same time, when possible.

Building Stronger Families

Our center’s history is a fascinating one fraught with heartwarming stories of people whose lives have been changed for the better by the center. You will hear about fathers who have regained custody of their children and single mothers, teenage parents, and working parents who have successfully rebuilt their lives with our help.

Continuity and Stability

The biggest impact we continue to make, however, is to the lives of the children under our care. We persevere to provide continuity and stability crucial to the values they imbibe in their formative years. We believe in the potential of love, harmony, and understanding as the ultimate means to empower and educate people about the value of appreciating cultural diversity.