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How Do Your Children Fare When You’re Not Around?

Think about how infants, toddlers, and school-age children fare when youre not around all day to provide them with guidance. Are they safe and being given the proper attention and caring that they need? We understand your ardent desire to work hard to be able to secure a brighter future for them, but there are other things to also consider.


We feel it is essential that parents provide their children tools for school readiness, safety and security. Mary Mcleod Bethune Early Child Development Nursery, Inc. continually provides services that address these and other parenting skills.

Care and Attention

Monitoring the activities and well-being of your young ones can be challenging for busy, working parents. Bethune offers care services that allow you to confidently go about your business with the assurance that your children are in good hands.

Our staff provides attentive care to newborns, toddlers, and school-age children via the following services:

  • After-School Care

  • Evening Care

  • Summer Camp

Developmental Growth

Your little ones successfully develop a sense of independence and responsibility through programs that also use real-life situations as sources of valuable learning experiences. These programs also enhance academic preparedness among infants and toddlers set to have formal schooling soon.

The following programs include:

  • Infant-Toddler Program

  • Virtual Learning

  • Pre-K Readiness

  • Comprehensive and Developmental Program

  • Shelter Funding Program

Children also have the opportunity for community awareness and personal development through our field trips such as tennis and swimming classes.


We accept monetary donations made via PayPal. All donations are tax exempt.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our wide range of day care services. For program inquiries and appointments for facility tours.

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